Search Engine Optimization

SEO Takes You to the Top

A beautiful web design, valuable offers, and persuasive content mean absolutely nothing if people aren’t able to find your website. SEO is the ongoing process of making website adjustments in order to improve your website’s rankings in search results. For example, if you’re a marketing agency in Chicago, you’ll want your website to appear when people search online for “Chicago marketing agencies” or “marketing agencies in Chicago”.

People Are Searching For Your Products & Services, Make Sure They Can Find Your Website

Increased Visibility

Potential customers need to know you exist. Higher rankings on search engine result pages means that more people will be able to find your website when they search for products and services your business provides.

Volume - Based

Would you rather rank #1 for a keyword that 2 people search for every month OR rank #4 for a keyword that 5,000 people search for every month? We focus on helping you rank high for the keywords and phrases that get the most searches.

No Guesswork

We don’t guess and test which keywords you should be ranking for. We have the tools to know which keywords you should focus on, how many searches each keyword gets per month, and how difficult it is to rank for a certain keyword.

The Top 5 search results receive 87% of all clicks.

And only 25% of searchers will go past the first page to find results.

We Offer SEO with our Monthly Packages